Swap Rules

Local Charity by Charo Van Hulst for DEBRA

Review Our Rules

  1. General: Your clothes need to be cleaned and ironed when you bring them to this event
  2. Clothes for gentlemen you can bring and drop off at the entrance
  3. You are allowed to take a maximum of 10 pieces
  4. Extra pieces will be sold for €2.50 per piece in aid of DEBRA
  5. There will be enough space for everybody's stuff in the salon, (special equipment, besides the tables and seats)
  6. Please respect the ABN AMRO and its furniture
  7. You may bring shoes, books, magazines, accessories, jewellery
  8. There will be a fitting room with a mirror
  9. Start: Please be on time, entrance is 14:00
  10. Finish: After the event we will clean together the salon which we have used and put all the stuff in plastic bags
  11. Transport of DEBRA will pick this up directly after the event around 16:00
  12. Please do not forget to bring your money in cash (there are no cash facilities)
  13. Entrance fee is €15.00 per person including 1 raffle ticket, finger food and drinks
  14. Raffle: You can win fantastic prizes at this event
  15. Each raffle ticket costs €2.50