Our Concept

Local Charity by Charo Van Hulst for DEBRA

Detox Your Closet

This event is for ladies only!

This event is for fun and to meet people!

Bring along any used items which you no longer require.

Items like clothing, handbags, accessories, books, shoes, toys and jewels.

Swap your stuff

This means you and all the ladies who bring their items, can choose anything they like from the available items.

You swap with the other ladies by having a short talk with them about the item you want to have (where it comes from, details etc).

All items which are left behind will be donated to Debra

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for swappers is € 15,00 and this includes:

1 free drink at entrance 1 place on the table where you can display your stuff 1 raffle ticket for the lottery 1 gift bag at departure

Non-Swappers Fee

The entrance fee for Non-swappers is € 20,00 and this includes:

1 free drink at entrance 1 raffle ticket for the lottery Your entrance fee includes support for the Debra charity.


The rate per raffle ticket is € 2,50.

You can buy as many raffle tickets as you want.

Every event we hold a raffle in aid of Debra.

For example you can win:

  • Massage Treatments
  • Accessories
  • Jewels
  • Beauty items
  • Styling products

You are supporting Debra with every purchase.

Extra information:

To have the best swap result for everybody and the friendliest ambience, these events currently have a maximum of 50 ladies.

Send your application by email to info@charitoscharity.com

Reservation by phone: (00 34) 666 33 79 78

Charity by Charito will use a fixed guest list at every event with confirmed applications. If you do not have a confirmation from Charity by Charito you can not enter the event.