Charity by Charito

Local Charity by Charo Van Hulst for DEBRA

Do Something Good for One Another

Charity by Charito is a new concept invented to help a Spanish foundation together with some friends by having a lot of fun.

You only need to clean your closet, take your stuff and come to my event.

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Your Help Gives Us Wings

Do more than belong: Participate. Do more than care: Help

Charity by Charito is born from true passion and dedication to inspire people to help raise money for those less fortunate. No One Has Ever Become Poor by Giving!

In support of DEBRA - The Children Charity for Butterfly Skin, we are dedicated wholly to helping these children because the Spanish Public Administration has yet to offer a centre with specialised doctors and nurses, which would be able to treat patients correctly.

From the moment parents await the birth of their child, what should be the happiest moment in their life, becomes a moment of fear and loneliness. Their child is born with a condition unknown to most professionals and no-one explains what the condition will entail not how their child will evolve. Any Butterfly child needs a great amount of daily care because their skin is as delicate as a butterfly wing and gets wounded at the slightest touch.

In order to try and alleviate the stress the family is confronted with as, as soon as the baby is born a psychologist, social worker and two nurses from the 'Butterfly Children Charity' assist and support families in every aspect of the child's life. At the beginning parents need help in order to come to terms with the condition and to learn how to be carers, but later on, they will also need support and advice when it comes to teaching their child to walk, schooling, nutrition, surgeries, etc.

The majority of DEBRA's funding is from events like the ones I hold in the local ABN AMRO establishment in Puerto Banus.

To Register: charitoscharity@gmail

Phone: (0034) 666 33 79 78